2018 jMeeting: Madrid

We have gathered in beautiful Madrid at the Universidad Francisco de Vitoria for the 2018 jMeeting. In the next couple of days, our current cohorts will be working on their projects. The teams will present their current progress at the “I Congreso Internacional de Jóvenes Investigadores en Psicología” poster session.


A few notes about their projects and tasks:

Ms Amy Orben and her team are exploring the causal link between intense Facebook use and feelings of connection towards other users. Dr ir. Kris Bevelander’s team are researching the extent to which pregnant women are susceptible to social norms on their own eating behaviour. Parental decision making related to childhood vaccination is being explored by Dr Kaja Damnjanović and her team. Ms Jasmin Mahmoodi’s team is investigating the valuation of personal data and privacy when using digital services and products. The mechanisms through which leaders increases work commitment through creating a shared group identity is being explored by Dr Jérémy Lemoine’s team. And, finally, Mr Nikola Erceg and his team are investigating how framing charitable advertisements in line with people’s moral foundations can increase donations. We are looking forward to the results these teams will generate.

We would like to thank all of our partners and the UFV for making this event possible.

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