Adrian Dahl Askelund, Junior Researcher 2016-2017

Adrian Dahl Askelund, from the University of Oslo, is one of our current Junior Researchers, more precisely one of the lead analyst of the team.

His team investigates if communicating the neuroscience of psychopathy would influence moral behaviour. The project is led by Robert Blakey, from the University of Oxford. Read about Adrian’s  life as a Junior Researcher below:

“My experience as a Junior Researcher has been tightly connected to the amazing progress our group has made. The group I am in is composed of talented and creative people from varied backgrounds, which makes for an incredible learning experience. I have been involved in a project investigating the effects of neuroscientific explanations of psychopathy on moral behaviour. While we are investigating provocative questions, we employ uncommon experimental methods in which our research questions are totally hidden to the participants. My background in philosophy has been just as important as experience with psychological research; what has mattered the most with our different backgrounds is a common engagement to hard work on our selected project. The JRP structure has allowed us to unleash our creativity in a way that is sadly lacking in today’s academia. While how the findings could contribute to society is also often not considered enough by researchers, this is at the center of the JRP experience. If you want to make an impact with your research, I highly recommend that you join a JRP project that you feel intrinsically motivated to work on beyond the one year of the programme. Then your experience will be as rewarding as possible.”

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