Gerhard Prinz, JRP 2016-2017

We are pleased to introduce Mr Gerhard Prinz, Communications Officer for Dr Annika Nübold’s 2016-17 JRP Team, which is investigating the dark triad of personality in the workplace. Read below how he experiences life as a Junior Researcher. “Life as a Junior Researcher feels like finally implementing theoretical concept and skills…

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Goodbye JRP 2015-2016

After saying goodbye to the first perfect cohort, we would like to say officially goodbye to the 2015-2016 JRP team. This year would not have been that great without their professionalism and dedication. We perceive you all as role models to continue our collaboration towards the new JRP team. Indeed, current JRP team 2016-2017 has recently been selected and is already working on upcoming events and activities. More information about team members will be announced shortly!



JRP and Global Health: Evidence-building

This paper lays out concrete foundations for the GHAP project by answering a simple question: Do people need and want medical travel? Yes. Not only that, but the particular circumstances that influence patient choices – including the destination country or the availability of follow-up care at home – are taken…

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