Data privacy: A trade-off decision? – Ms Jasmin Mahmoodi

We are excited to introduce Ms Jasmin Mahmoodi from the University of Geneva, as another Research Supervisor. Ms Jasmin Mahmoodi is a behavioural scientist and passionate about behavioural economics and the digital economy. She enjoys cross-disciplinary research and bridges basic and applied research.

Project description

With the exponential growth of the digital economy, consumers produce vast amounts of data and leave behind their digital footprints. Governments and companies have long recognised the potential of these data, making the commercial market for digital data profitable. This profit, however, is made at the expense of consumers’ privacy. To use digital services and products we often disregard privacy policies and make trade-off choices between benefiting from a certain service/product and permitting companies to own, use, and share our digital data. Can insights from psychology and behavioural economics explain the choices? How can we facilitate informed decision making and protect our digital data?

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