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Getting involved

Currently, the only way to participate in the JRP as a student is through application to the jSchool. To be selected to the jSchool, which is held annually in July, students must apply in the spring by completing a form and choosing a preferred project from the annual theme. Links to the relevant application forms will be published on this page only during the open period and unavailable once the deadline passes.


The jSchool is open to Bachelor and Master students in psychology. It is also open to PhD students and postdocs, who may apply to lead one of six projects chosen annually.


The JRP provides research projects developed at the jSchool with structured oversight, guidance and academic support throughout a 13-month calendar. In that period, there are three main expectations to be fulfilled in order to successfully complete the programme: submission of methodology papers to our partner journal, presentation at an annual student congress, and participation in the JRP Conference held annually at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge.

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