Research Supervisor


If you would cherish the opportunity to lead a team of students and early career researchers from different places, backgrounds, and abilities, then this is the programme for you.

Research Supervisor selection

Each February, we select six PhD students or postdocs and their proposed research projects. These individuals will then start a research project with a team of young people from different countries at the jSchool followed by 13 months of undertaking the project with their teams. At the jSchool, Supervisors will have support from the jSchool and JRP Teams. Prospective Supervisors must be at least in the second year of their PhD but no further than three years into postdoctoral research. Supervisors are 100% volunteers and receive no funds for participating in the programme. They do not pay a participation fee but travel reimbursement is only provided in exceptional circumstances. Immediately after closing, shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview.

Research Supervisor eligibility

We welcome a diverse range of candidates to apply for the position of Research Supervisor. You should be actively engaged in research relevant to the annual theme and willing to commit to at least 13 months of voluntary leadership of a small research team. The 13-month period starts with the jSchool and ends with the JRP Conference in the following August. Eligibility to be selected as a Research Supervisor for jSchool 2018 is based on a very simple but strict checklist.

A) You must be in at least your second full year as a PhD student, starting no later than January 2017.

B) You must not have completed your PhD prior to July 2015.

C) Your PhD must be in psychology or clearly-related subject.

D) If your PhD is hosted in a department other than psychology, you must hold at least an undergraduate degree in psychology.

E) Your university must be recognised by the national psychological association in the country where it is based.

F) The department (or university) where you are based must have a standing ethical committee able and willing to review your project, even if further reviews are needed for other members of your team or further afield in the study.

G) You are welcome to apply from outside Europe but please note that all travel costs are the responsibility of the Supervisor, as are any costs associated with visas, insurance, or activities during the year.

H) You must have an excellent level of English for writing, speaking, reading, and general comprehension.

I) It is not mandatory to have published prior to being a Research Supervisor and priority is not given to those who have extensive dissemination records at the time of applying. Eligible candidates are encouraged to apply regardless of track record in publishing, fundraising, or other academic activities.


More information about the application process for Supervisors can be found here. You can read the application guidance document here, and to apply click here.

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