jSchool 2018

The 2018 jSchool: Italy

The JRP team is proud to announce that this year’s jSchool will be hosted in Siena (Italy) from the 8th to the 15th July 2018. This event will kick-off the JRP’s academic year, gathering students and supervisors in one of Italy’s most historical medieval cities. As an official UNESCO World Heritage Site, Siena is known for its cuisine, art galleries and museums, and mostly for the Palio, a horse race held twice a year, representing a highlight in the Sienese calendar.

In the very heart of the Chianti countryside there lies the Certosa di Pontignano, a 14th Century mansion that will serve as the jSchool venue. The site, also denominated as the Pearl of the Sienese Chianti, brings together nature, history, and hospitality, whilst incorporating perfect spaces for study groups, needed for the students to lay the grounding blocks for their team projects, and to form strong friendship and collaborative bonds. The location offers multiple green spaces, ideal for social events and moments of relaxation. Its natural silence, and its proximity to Italy’s capital cultural cities, Siena and Florence, will give the summer school participants the chance to both enjoy a stroll through the Chianti vineyards, and appreciate the frenetic Italian city life.

This year’s theme is Communication: The psychology of information. This will allow supervisors and students to expand upon a multitude of global issues, applying their psychological knowledge to a diverse range of academic fields, such as marketing of products, policy-making, social media’s influence on attitudes and behaviours, or the ongoing changes in interpersonal communication. Six research teams will be responsible of independently combining their scientific research skills to develop and manage the project during the year. Participants are encouraged to actively contribute to the programme, combining their previous knowledge with their motivation to promote positive changes in today’s society.

From left to right column, top to bottom: (1) Santa Maria Assunta: Siena’s Cathedral, overlooking the entire historical city centre, (2) Piazza del Campo: Siena’s main square and home to both annual horse races, (3) Certosa di Pontignano: Siena’s most prosperous location for International events, (4) Looking inside Siena’s Cathedral: a mix of Gothic and Roman artistic styles, (5) The Palio: Siena’s horserace, representing the oldest tradition of the city.

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