Matilde Boccanera, Junior Researcher 2016-2017

Let us introduce Matilde Boccanera, from King’s College London. She is the Communications Officer of one of our current research teams. The project – led by Robert Blakey from the University of Oxford – investigates if communicating the neuroscience of psychopathy would influence moral behaviour. Matilde tells you more about her journey below.

“Inspiration, motivation, shared success. If I had to sum up my JRP experience with three concepts, I would undoubtedly use these. As a current junior researcher, I have learned to appreciate the importance of working and communicating with people originating from different parts of the world. Being part of a team has encouraged me to overcome the typical fears that a young student experiences, such as disorientation and failure. I have come back home satisfied, stronger and ready to make a significant impact in the current field of psychological research. JRP is a second family I can rely on. A group of people who fight for your well-being, while striving for your academic success. I am grateful to this programme, in that it has allowed me to grow intellectually, develop essential skills, and most importantly create everlasting international friendships. The JRP experience is a challenge, one that I would undertake infinite times…”

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