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Looking for internships, PhD offers, and other opportunities to advance your career?

Below you can find a list of currently available, paid positions that might help you along the way. Please note that JRP merely collects the information coming from third-party sources. JRP is not liable for any misinformation, as well as cannot provide any further details on the vacancies. To obtain more information about a position of interest, please follow the link provided in the job description.


Institution Description
University of Lübeck PhD Position in Cognitive Neuroscience
Institute for Positive
Psychology and Education, Sydney
Compassion and Well-being PhD Scholarship
Universidad de Deusto PhD Positions in Cognitive rehabilitation and Neuropsychological assessment
University of Leuven PhD Positions in EEG and Vagal Nerve Stimulation in the acquisition and extinction of bodily symptoms 
Hong Kong University, Department of Psychiatry Research Assistant Position 
University of Groningen, Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences PhD Position in Organisational Psychology 
University of Amsterdam, Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences PhD Position in Cognitive Neuroscience
University of Oslo, Department of Molecular Medicine PhD Position at the Neurotransporter Group 
University of Oslo, Department of Psychology PhD Position in ‘Project dual expertise in Psychology’ 
University of Strathclyde, School of Psychological Sciences and Health Research Assistant in Neuropsychology 
Queen Mary University of London PhD Position in Psychosocial and Biological Predictors of Psychological Resilience in Syrian Refugee Children
Norwich Medical School PhD Position in Understanding the active ingredients of population physical activity interventions

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