Nudging Charitable Behaviour: Increasing donations by targeting the moral foundations of Facebook users

Nudging Charitable Behaviour: increasing donations by targeting the moral foundations of Facebook users



Mr Nikola Erceg, University of Zagreb, Croatia


Communications Officer: Jessica Lorimer
Co-investigator: Alessia Cottone
Project Manager: Kiran Manku
Chief Editor: Manou Willems
Data Scientist: Denis Vlašiček
Lead Statistician: Matthias Burghart
Lead Methodologist: Hannah Pütz



To attract attention and funding, many charities opt for online advertising. The majority of their funds come from private donations, elicited through these advertisements. Seeing that morals have been shown to drive behaviour, we are asking whether framing the charitable advertisements in line with people’s moral foundations will increase donations of time and money. Additionally, we want to know if increasing the saliency of social norms within these advertisements increases charitable giving. To do so, we will collect Facebook data across countries through a custom-developed application. This data will help us to predict which framing would be most effective in nudging individual behaviour change. We hope that these findings will contribute to the effective action and sustainability of charities internationally.

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