Dr Kai Ruggeri
The Director
Based at the University of Cambridge, Kai is responsible for growth and direction, as well as supporting the professional development of stakeholders past and present. He also oversees jSchool planning as well as all activities within the JRP calendar. He also leads the JRP host team in Cambridge. Kai is originally from the US and completed his PhD in Northern Ireland at Queen’s University, Belfast. He completed postgraduate training at the University of Oxford and postdoctoral research at the University of Coimbra in Portugal.


Elisa Haller
Research Officer (2016-17)
Elisa is responsible for coordinating and preparing the Research Supervisors and Junior Researchers for the current JRP generation. Elisa has seen the programme evolve since 2012 when she participated in the summer school in Portugal. She was the Communications Officer for her team, then head of the summer school in Austria, and afterwards the second Programme Manager. Today, while pursuing a PhD at the University of Zurich, she is providing new opportunities for the programme: she focuses on establishing and maintaining structures that help young researchers benefit from the multitude of opinions and expertise.

Hannes Jarke
Programme Manager
Hannes is responsible for coordinating the team, as well as communicating with programme stakeholders and external partners. He is a psychology graduate student at the University of Vienna and has been involved in the Junior Researcher Programme since 2013. There he was part of the organizing team for the summer school in Austria. Afterwards, he participated in the JRP as Communications Officer in a research project on emotional intelligence. Currently, Hannes is finishing his Master thesis in psychology, focusing on tax compliance.

Maja Vovko
Development Officer
Maja is responsible for the JRP website and taking care of financial aspects. Maja joined the programme in 2015 as the Finance Officer. She was responsible for fundraising, partnerships, and organizing the jSchool in Slovenia 2016, where the current JRP generation initiated their projects. Prior to that, she completed her bachelor in psychology at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia and is currently finishing her Masters. On top of her role in the JRP, she is also the Vice President of the Slovenian Psychology Students’ Association.

Margo Janssens
Public Relations Officer
Margo focuses on promoting the JRP with the aim of making our mission more visible, particularly boosting the profile of young researchers. She is a psychology student at the Catholic University of Leuven in Belgium and became involved with the JRP, participating as a Junior Researcher at the 2015 summer school in Madrid. She is currently working on her thesis on High Impact Learning in order to complete her Masters in Work and Organisational Psychology.

Thomas Lind Andersen
Scientific Affairs Officer
Thomas is responsible for the development of the scientific programme for the 2017 JRP Internship. Thomas joined the JRP in 2014, working with Dr Ana Jakopec’s team on the workplace effects of misaligned multi-source justice perceptions, and participated in the GHAP internship in 2015. He was part of the Policy Research Group at University of Cambridge whilst writing his Master thesis in psychology at the University of Southern Denmark. Currently, he is working as a Psychologist focusing on educational and developmental psychology.

Lindsey van Bokhorst
Research Officer (2017-18)
Lindsey is responsible for coordinating the Research Supervisors and Junior Researchers beginning with the 2017 jSchool in Croatia. Lindsey joined the JRP in 2015, where she was part of the research group assessing sport performance, more specifically about the impact of the cognitive and non-verbal behaviours. Recently, she has started her PhD at the University of East Anglia, England.

Silvana Mareva
Scientific Affairs Officer
Silvana is responsible for organizing the scientific aspects of the jMeeting. She joined JRP as a Junior Researcher in 2015, where she was involved in designing a smartphone application for assessing health-related quality of life. She graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a MA in Psychology. Currently, she is working as a Research Assistant at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, where she is exploring social and cognitive development.

Lana Bojanić
Local Coordinator jSchool
Lana is our Local Coordinator for the next jSchool, starting its journey in Croatia. She is currently involved in the first phases of establishing the upcoming jSchool, communicating with partners and taking care of logistic aspects. Initially, she was part of the 2015 JRP generation, where she participated in a research project about neuropsychological assessment. Lana is a graduate student at the University of Zagreb.

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