About the event

The jSchool is a week-long summer school event for psychology students, PhD students and other early career psychologists, who each aspire to create meaningful research projects in an international environment. The event takes place in a different European country each year and all research projects are centered on a common annual theme. Six enthusiastic PhD students act as Research Supervisors from top academic institutions. The Research Supervisors collaborate with around 40 motivated psychology undergraduate and master students, divided into six teams. Each team starts collaboration during the jSchool and conducts research together for thirteen months. All teams commit to publish their work in our partner journal (Frontiers in Psychology) and are invited to attend the annual JRP Conference in Cambridge. Students are also given the possibility of completing a five-week internship at Cambridge.

The jSchool is designed to create an environment where emerging researchers find the right tools to enhance their abilities while delivering outcomes at a professional standard while enjoying a special, unforgettable ambience. The jSchool allows students to work closely with and learn from experts of the field, experienced psychology practitioners and preeminent scholars, who are invited to share their experience with the students. Lecturers from around the globe speak about their research areas and engage in individual sessions with the research groups. Research Supervisors further gain crucial experience conducting multicultural research projects, expanding their managerial and academic skills as team leaders, many for the first time in their careers.During the closing Gala Evening, students are officially inducted as the new Junior Researcher Programme’ cohort, which is one of the many highlights of the JRP calendar.

jSchool 2017

The 2017 jSchool will take place from 16.7.2017 to the 23.7.2016. in the UNESCO heritage city of Dubrovnik, Croatia. The activities will take place in a historic venue for academic meetings where students and Research Supervisors will spend time exploring the surroundings.

The 2017 jSchool theme is: Decisions. This jSchool theme was selected in order to create innovative responses to some of the most relevant challenges faced by psychologists. Projects will focus on the science of decision-making across a variety of domains as well as where they may be applied toward matters of public interest. We anticipate these to cover economic, health, educational, and managerial subjects and look forward to a dynamic pool of applications for 2017.

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